Read ITR Economics, Watch Waco, Stop Worrying About In-Person or Online

Read, watch, stop:

  • ITR Economics by brothers Brian and Alan Beaulieu provide a-political insights on current and upcoming economic conditions.
  • While starting my firm out of my house, I remember being overwhelmed by what was happening at Waco.  There has been a docu-drama and a follow-up series on Waco and the aftermath of Waco.  I’m not sure it’s worth a subscription to Showtime, but if you are a subscriber, check it out.
  • Stop worrying and balance in-person or online meetings.  One size doesn’t fit all.  With COVID in the rearview mirror, I question whether meetings should be held in person or online.  We continue to have those meetings online via Teams for daily management huddles.  For get-togethers, like our quarterly meeting, where we bring the whole company together to review progress on strategic goals, anniversaries, and celebrations, we hold them in person but also simulcast on Teams.  A hybrid approach makes sense.

Read Those Bastards, Watch The Last of Us, Stop Not Taking Notes

Read, watch, stop:

  • Those Bastards by Jared Dillian is a book that was just released, and disclaimer:  I haven’t read it.  I’ve subscribed to his financial newsletters for years and find him insightful and challenging common opinions and thoughts. If you’re willing to risk $20, give it a shot.
  • Our firm’s attorney mentioned The Last of Us when we met for a wonderful dinner and a Minnesota Wild game (thanks again, Steve).  The Last of Us is intense, entertaining, and binge-worthy. Every episode has a pretty gory scene. If you’re not a fan of gore, learn to fast-forward because the plot is that good.
  • Stop not taking notes.  I use a notebook and pen instead of notes on my phone or laptop for meetings where I want to focus and have no distractions from email or other apps (yes, I know my last post was about digitizing content). While a little old school, I think it shows respect for the others in the room and my written notes always work regardless of battery life.

Best Books List For Leaders

I was asked by Shepherd, a group dedicated to helping others discover the best books, to share my top books for real-world business leadership. Here are the best books for practical, hands-on business leadership. Of course, I needed to include my book in the list:

Finding and Retaining Stellar IT Employees Screen Image

For additional reading, another list I found helpful is the Best Leadership Books where 90 authors picked their favorite books about leadership and tell why they recommend each book.

Read The Magic of Thinking Big, Watch Ted Lasso, Stop Keeping Paper

Read, watch, stop:

  • The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz is an excellent book for life planning and setting goals.  I recommend it without reservation.
  • Ted Lasso is back for season three.  This show is fun, a little offbeat, and has won over ten Emmys.
  • Stop storing paper documents.  Between Scannable and Evernote, anything you need to keep track of on paper is digitized.

Read Kiplinger Letter, Watch Portlandia, Stop Closing Doors

Read, watch, stop:

  • The Kiplinger Letter provides weekly forecasts on GDP, interest rates, employment, and insights on industries and economies.
  • Portlandia is an offbeat set of skits.  The executive producer is Lorne Michaels of SNL, and Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen lead the cast.  If you want a quick laugh, check it out.
  • Stop closing doors.  Several past employees have returned to the firm within the last few months.  For team members who leave the firm on good terms, make it a point that the door is open.  It can end up working for both parties.