Read ITR Economics, Watch Waco, Stop Worrying About In-Person or Online

Read, watch, stop:

  • ITR Economics by brothers Brian and Alan Beaulieu provide a-political insights on current and upcoming economic conditions.
  • While starting my firm out of my house, I remember being overwhelmed by what was happening at Waco.  There has been a docu-drama and a follow-up series on Waco and the aftermath of Waco.  I’m not sure it’s worth a subscription to Showtime, but if you are a subscriber, check it out.
  • Stop worrying and balance in-person or online meetings.  One size doesn’t fit all.  With COVID in the rearview mirror, I question whether meetings should be held in person or online.  We continue to have those meetings online via Teams for daily management huddles.  For get-togethers, like our quarterly meeting, where we bring the whole company together to review progress on strategic goals, anniversaries, and celebrations, we hold them in person but also simulcast on Teams.  A hybrid approach makes sense.