Read New Sales Simplified, Watch Madoff, Stop Doubling Down on News

Read, watch, stop:

  • New Sales Simplified is a solid book on sales.  If you’re a salesperson, read it.  If you’re a sales manager, recommend it and read the follow-up book on managing salespeople.
  • Stop doubling down on the news.  It’s good to be aware of what’s happening in the world, but a 24-hour news cycle is tiring.

Read Karrass, Watch George and Tammy, Stop Guilt

Read, watch, stop:

  • Stop feeling guilty about delegating at work or hiring people at home to tackle work/tasks.

Awaken the Giant, Yellowstone, Let it Go

Read, watch, stop:

  • If you like Yellowstone, check out 1883, the prequel.
  • Stop correcting.  How many conversations have you had where someone says something incorrect yet inconsequential.  Let it go.  This is especially true of spouses and kids.

Read What Happy People Know, Watch Seinfeld, Try a News Fast

Here’s the read, watch, stop:

  • Watching a Seinfeld before hitting the hay is a great way to finish the day with a laugh.  My kiddos can recite most of the punch lines word for word.
  • Take a break from the constant news cycle.  News flow can be overwhelming between streaming channels, websites, and newsletters.  I take a news fast from time to time, and the world continues to work just fine.