Read Those Bastards, Watch The Last of Us, Stop Not Taking Notes

Read, watch, stop:

  • Those Bastards by Jared Dillian is a book that was just released, and disclaimer:  I haven’t read it.  I’ve subscribed to his financial newsletters for years and find him insightful and challenging common opinions and thoughts. If you’re willing to risk $20, give it a shot.
  • Our firm’s attorney mentioned The Last of Us when we met for a wonderful dinner and a Minnesota Wild game (thanks again, Steve).  The Last of Us is intense, entertaining, and binge-worthy. Every episode has a pretty gory scene. If you’re not a fan of gore, learn to fast-forward because the plot is that good.
  • Stop not taking notes.  I use a notebook and pen instead of notes on my phone or laptop for meetings where I want to focus and have no distractions from email or other apps (yes, I know my last post was about digitizing content). While a little old school, I think it shows respect for the others in the room and my written notes always work regardless of battery life.