Executive Brief: A CIO’s Guide to Avoiding Cost Estimation Errors in Software Development

Executive Brief_ CIOs Guide to Avoiding Cost Estimation Errors

Over the past few months, I’ve spoken with many C-level executives about the high level, strategic challenges they’re facing when it comes to building software. Through these conversations, common themes emerged.  To help with these challenges, I’m excited to introduce Intertech Executive Briefs.

Based on 25+ years of building enterprise software for our clients, each Intertech Executive Brief outlines the challenge along with recommendations and insights for the busy executive.

CIO’s Guide to Avoiding Cost Estimation Errors

In the inaugural issue, the Software Development Cost Estimation Executive Brief, shares commonly overlooked costs when building enterprise software applications along with practical insights to make sure every project has an accurate budget.

Key factors include:

  • Hidden project infrastructure costs
  • Costs related to staff turnover and the need for new skills
  • Expenses due to project dependencies and communication
  • Underestimating costs by assuming who is doing what
  • The Triangle, Choose Your Two: Speed, Cost, Quality (SCQ)

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Strategic Communication

When communicating with anyone… employees, customers, friends, or family here are some guidelines to make communication effective.

First, when communicating something that could be perceived either way, do it face-to-face:

When communicating bad news:

  1. Collect all the information to have one conversation vs. a death by 1,000 cuts
  2. Give your customer, employee, partner an option… even if it’s equally disagreeable, they’ll feel better because they had a choice

Employee Engagement: Getting Feedback

It’s good to create proactive ways to get employee feedback:

Here are my favorite questions to ask employees:

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