Creating an Ideal Life

In November, I delivered a talk at a conference in Florida.  In it, I share how to create an ideal life using three approaches.


My Upcoming Talk at Breakfast with Values Champions

One-DreamOn April 21st, I’ve been asked to speak at the “Breakfast with Values Champions.”

Held at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, it’s “a learning community for forwardthinking leaders and organizations interested in expanding their capacity to  “be who they say they are.” You can expect to engage with other leaders committed to aligning their values and purpose with all areas of how they do business: developing your executive team, strategy that is broadly owned, leading change, employee engagement, measures and metrics, engagement, onboarding and more.

Values Champions includes distinguished leaders of Fortune 500 companies, authentic non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs committed to building organizations that value people as much as profit. They will share how they align values with policies and make tough decisions while staying true to their stated mission, vision and organizational values. ”

To learn more or register, go to:

Team SuperManners – An Illustrated Book for Preschoolers


This year, I had a goal to write an illustrated kid’s book (while my kids were young enough to enjoy seeing themselves as characters in a book).

I’m happy to say that Team SuperManners, The Well-Behaved Adventures of Zander the Dog, Sweet Cheeks, and Baby Girl is finished and on Amazon in print and Kindle.

Jakob Bartels was the illustrator.  Jakob is a phenom.  At only 17 years-old, he was the designer of the crest for the USS Minnesota submarine.  My huge thanks to his father, Chris, who’s been our marketing consultant for over a decade.  Chris graciously volunteered his time to make this book a reality and once again made a project a ton better because of his involvement.

If you’re seeing this post/message and would like a free copy, just fire me an email or send a message with your address.

Building a Best Place to Work Published in Octane

Entrepreneur's Organization

Entrepreneur’s Organization

My thanks to Octane magazine for printing my article “Building a Best Place to Work” in the September 2014 issue.

Octane is a magazine exclusive to members of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO).  Because of this, you won’t find it available in stores but you can view a PDF of the article here.