My Business Journal Article: 10 ways to foster employee engagement


Employee engagement, like the word leadership, gets overused.  What is it?  What are the results?  And, most importantly what are specific actionable ways to increase engagement are all covered in my latest Business Journal article 10 ways to foster employee engagement.


Lifelong learning: only a click away

My t8130858401_7b3853d82d_zhanks to MinnPost for publishing my article Lifelong Learning: only a click away.  Here’s the start:

Schools are gearing up for another academic year and politicians are cranking up the rhetoric (heaven help us) as the election approaches. The quality and cost of education no doubt will be among the top debate subjects as the presidential candidates slug it out this fall. As the parent of a freshly minted kindergartner, I get why this is a compelling issue. But as the founder and owner of a technology consulting and training company, I wish the debate could be expanded to include lifelong learning. Specifically, how to encourage lifelong learning, particularly among minorities.

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All Minnesota students should have access to computer-science education

floated_minnpost_logoMinnPost’s recent story on computer education at Chatfield Elementary in Belle Plaine (“The rise of coding: How one rural district is changing with the times) was encouraging yet frustrating. The story described how all Chatfield second-graders are learning computer coding, with plans to make coding part of the curriculum for all Belle Plaine (K-12) students next year.

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Making Organizational Values Come Alive

Upsize LogoWhen someone is called an “ACE” at my company, it’s more than just a fleeting comment or a gratuitous pat on the back.  It’s a recognition for living our values of Attitude, Commitment, and Excellence.

We have a series of things we do to blend values into the fabric of our organization.  I summarized it in the Upsize article You can make company values more than words.