Star Tribune interview “Business owners urge quick landing from cliff”

Star-Tribune-LogoMy thanks to Neal St. Anthony of the Star Tribune for featuring Intertech in the article Inside Track: Business owners urge quick landing from cliff.

As shared with Mr. St. Anthony, whether a person likes it or not, I haven’t talked to any fellow business owners who believe taxes are staying the same or going down next year.  While revenue increases seem, to me, a forgone conclusion, I believe any solution requires addressing national debt, entitlement reform, and spending cuts.

As it relates to spending cuts and tax increases, I talked about something that surprised me when teaching at the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Business Management Center.  To illustrate the point of savings versus revenue increases, I asked the class a question:

“An organization with a 2% profit has the opportunity to save $.01 (one cent) or increase revenues by 30%.  Which would  you choose?”

Most students chose the wrong answer… a revenue increase.  With a 2% profit, it takes a 50% increase in revenues to match a 1% cut in spending.  Our government, with huge annual losses, would see a great impact through cost savings.

Finally, if there is an overhaul in tax policy, it would be ideal to address the handling of taxation for S corporations (where profits of a firm pass thru to personal 1040’s).  In 2008, after Obama’s election win, the Star Tribune was good enough to print an op-ed I wrote on this issue Don’t tax small business out of picture.

Intertech Featured in “How to collect money after the sale” in The Business Journal

Intertech, as one of the 50 fastest growing firms in Minnesota, was selected by The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal to be included in the Fast 50 Diary.

The Fast 50 Diary is a monthly piece that profiles 10 Fast 50 firms over the course of a year.  Each month focuses on a topic.

This month’s topic featured Intertech.  The article is How to collect money after the sale.

Better than being a Fast 50 or selected to be profiled is the painting in the background of the picture.  It was created by my three year-old.  When I showed him the printed article, he looked beyond me and said, “My painting, dad!”  Spoken like a true artist.

Here’s a picture of his work (the solid background of the painting was done by our wonderful marketing person… the balance is my son).

Intertech Named One of the 50 Fastest Growing Firms in Minnesota

Intertech was named by The Business Journal as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Firms in Minnesota.  My thanks to our wonderful customers and tremendous employees… this award, obviously, would not be possible without you.


Intertech Named a Best Place to Work for the 8th Time

Last Thursday, for the eighth time, Intertech was named one of the Best Places to Work.

My thanks to all the employees of Intertech and to the Business Journal for making this possible.