Intertech Featured in “How to collect money after the sale” in The Business Journal

Intertech, as one of the 50 fastest growing firms in Minnesota, was selected by The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal to be included in the Fast 50 Diary.

The Fast 50 Diary is a monthly piece that profiles 10 Fast 50 firms over the course of a year.  Each month focuses on a topic.

This month’s topic featured Intertech.  The article is How to collect money after the sale.

Better than being a Fast 50 or selected to be profiled is the painting in the background of the picture.  It was created by my three year-old.  When I showed him the printed article, he looked beyond me and said, “My painting, dad!”  Spoken like a true artist.

Here’s a picture of his work (the solid background of the painting was done by our wonderful marketing person… the balance is my son).