#5: Developing Others

The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory asks leaders to assess how well they coach and mentor others “with compassion” and whether they “personally invest time and energy in mentoring.” Most importantly, the inventory asks whether you “provide feedback that helps people with their professional development.” Call it enlightened self-interest, but developing others is something we’re totally passionate about at Intertech. 

Every team member here participates in an annual review that covers four simple areas: (1) strengths/accomplishments in the review period; (2) defining an area for improvement; (3) what could help to make these improvements; (4) what role will you grow into within two years?

Those four simple questions are powerful because the major focus is on where an employee is heading and how we can help him or her get there. We also strongly encourage ongoing professional development through training and new skill development. Our people know that we are willing to invest in them and that we want them to stay professionally vital. We’re so committed to this value that we offer employees a paid sabbatical after seven years of service.

Our commitment to employee development has been rewarded by their commitment to Intertech and our clients. We have been named a best place to work for seven years. This honor means so much because it is based on confidential employee surveys.

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