Technology. Friend or Foe? First in a Series.


Technology superstars like Bill Gates are challenging the wisdom of artificial intelligence.  Others are blaming technology for unemployment and stagnant growth.  Parents are blaming technology—constant gaming or being socially connected on phones—for making kids dumb.

Are we at a technology tipping point?

The article, “A World without Work” in The Atlantic looks at the impact of technology.  Asking if technology is good or bad is like asking a farmer if rain is good or bad.  My dad was a farmer and he could have told you it depends… when, where, and what amount matter.

The The End of Work was published by Jeremy Rifkin in 1995.  He stated “worldwide unemployment would increase as information technology eliminated tens of millions of jobs in the manufacturing, agricultural and service sectors… (there would be)… a devastating impact from automation on blue-collar, retail and wholesale employees, while an elite of corporate managers and knowledge workers would reap the benefits of the high-tech world economy.”

What do you think? Is life better or worse than the mid-90’s?  Before you answer that, check your email and texts on your phone, watch a streaming movie for free on your laptop, and stay in touch with friends around the world without paying a penny for a phone call or letter.