Read The Strangest Secret, Watch Yellowjackets, Stop Unwanted Email

Here’s what I’m reading, watching, and stopping:

  • Read The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale.  I first read this book a couple of decades ago.  Every year or so, I reread it.  It’s the foundation for many of today’s “self-help” authors and speakers.  If you want to save time reading the book, the “secret” is we become what we think about.
  • Watch Yellowjackets on Showtime.  It follows a girl’s soccer team that gets stranded with a storyline that flips from when it happened as teenagers to where they are as adults.
  • Stop getting unwanted emails.  Because I get more spam than legit emails, I’ve found that the native Outlook and Gmail apps provide an easy way to block and report spammers instead of using my iPhone’s built-in email app.  Note that I typically preview my emails on my phone before reading them on my laptop.