Read David Sedaris, Watch Mark Rober, Stop Meetings

Here’s what I’m reading, watching, and stopping:

  • Read Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris.  Sedaris is my favorite non-fiction writer.  From his stories where his frugal dad eats part of his hat thinking it was an old banana to him walking into a bathroom at a dinner party with a clogged toilet, he is hilarious.
  • If you like science, have kids, or both, follow and watch Mark Rober on YouTube.  He does an excellent job explaining scientific concepts fun and engagingly.  I’ve enjoyed watching and discussing the videos with my kids.
  • Stop taking unnecessary meetings.  Today, when it comes to meetings, interviews, or meetups, I say no more than yes and don’t feel guilty about it.  I prioritize my priorities, goals, and relationships over prospective ones.  When starting, I’d take a meeting anytime or anywhere on partnerships, networking, or potential business opportunities.  I realize this may limit me, but I believe in the maxim of time’s preciousness.