Intertech STEM Scholarships

Congratulations to Ms. Emily Dahl and Mr. Sulaiman Bada, who are the recipients of the spring 2020 Intertech Foundation STEM scholarships.

There’s a lot of competition for our awards, so hats off to both of them for winning.

In the past, we’ve awarded one scholarship per year. Given the current state of the world, we’re adding two more scholarships this fall for a total of four scholarships in 2020.

Anyone who applied for the spring scholarship will be automatically re-enrolled for the fall scholarship. Except for the children of Intertech employees, all are encouraged to apply for the award.

Intertech Cresent Cove Supply Drive

In the past, at this time of year, Intertech would do an employee supply drive for our primary giving partner, Crescent Cove, a children’s hospice.

Given the state of the world, in lieu of a physical supply drive, the Intertech Foundation will be making a $2,500 donation to Crescent Cove for supplies.

My thanks to all of our Intertech employees for making support of Crescent Cove possible.

Intertech Foundation to Quadruple STEM College Scholarships

The Intertech Foundation has chosen its two Spring scholarship recipients. The winners are being notified. Once they are notified, we’ll share their stories.

In the past, the Intertech Foundation awarded one scholarship per year. Given the current environment, I and the other board members decided to step up giving. We’re doing two this spring and another two this fall.

My congrats to the current and future scholarship recipients.

Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship Deadline Approaching

One of the Intertech Foundation’s focuses is the inspiration of young people towards the building of science, engineering and technology skills.

The 2019 STEM scholarship application deadline is March 15th and is for students interested in pursuing careers as professional software developers. This opportunity is aimed at current college students or college-bound high school seniors, who have excelled in the areas of Math and Science, to pursue college studies in the area of computer science.