#7: Teamwork

Do you solicit input from everyone on the team? Do you support all team members and encourage cooperation? These are tough questions from the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory and they’re worth exploring. I discussed Intertech’s process for soliciting input from all of our team members in my earlier post on attunement so I won’t revisit that here.

We encourage cooperation and support for all team members in a variety of ways, including our ACE program. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that ACE is an acronym for Intertech’s core values: Attitude, Commitment and Excellent. The ACE program allows team members to nominate other team members  who exhibit those values in meaningful ways.  ACE “awards” are simple, fun items we purchase at Geek.com. But as you’ve probably surmised, the award itself is not the point.

Recognition by a peer or supervisor is what makes ACE special. The “awards” are presented during a monthly company-wide meeting  and they are given both to those who are nominated and to those who do the nominating. We feel this is important because it takes time to catch others doing a good job and it takes effort to fill out a nomination form. Nominating others helps build our positive culture and we want to reward that value right aong with whatever the nominee did so well.