#3: Organizational awareness

In chapter 18 of my new book I share how we involve the team at Intertech when defining our values.  Inspired by author Jim Collins’ Mars Group Exercise, we asked everyone at Intertech to name the individual who best represents who we are as a company. The exercise requires pretending that a space alien drops by for a visit and wants to learn what kind of company he has discovered. After employees decide who should be the official representative, we ask them why.

With almost dozens of employees you might expect that this would be a long and difficult exercise. Surprisingly, it was not. People were almost unanimous in their identification of the ideal Intertech ambassador and even more clear about why that person was selected. Through this exercise, we identified the following key values:

Attitude:  Each day we choose our attitude. Attitude is contagious.  For others to be positive, excited, and inspired, we must be. 

Commitment:  As a team, we deliver.  We demand more of ourselves than others could ask.

Excellence:  We’re committed to a world-class customer experience and world-class customer satisfaction.

 In other words, at Intertech if you’re living our values, you’re an ACE!

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