Working with an IT Consulting Firm-Being a Good Customer

Good-CustomerWhat makes a good customer? Isn’t it the job of a consultant to make the relationship work? Like all positive relationships, it’s a two-way street.  Here are a few thoughts on being a good customer.

Be Flexible

It’s no secret it’s a tight market for talent. If you’re looking at the credentials of the team members down to the minor revision-level, you may lose out.  For example, if there’s not a 100% fit to your technology set like a JavaScript library, have the team members used similar or competing frameworks?

Be Quick

Setup your process for interviewing a consulting firm or consultant to be thorough but quick to commit if you’ve found a fit. Top talent is rarely sitting on the sidelines for long.

Be Effective

  • Communicate expectations
  • Remove roadblocks and political boundaries
  • Be active and engaged in the process and project
  • Communicate
  • Pay according to the terms