Wineries, 911 Call Centers, and South Korea’s Largest Cell Phone Provider (Final Post in the Apps not Ads Series)

What do wineries, 911 call centers, and South Korea’s largest cell phone carrier have in common?  Intertech’s team has built mobile applications for all of them.

In this final post in the series For Mobile Devices, Think Apps (not ads!), I’m sharing a few examples of what we’ve built for our customers.

A Media App for a Mobile Phone Carrier

Working the largest mobile phone company in South Korea, Intertech developed an interface for a service similar to iTunes or Spotify.


911 Call Centers

Intertech created a mobile application for 911 call centers for the reservation of channels on radio networks.  Part of the solution was a “quick schedule” to reserve a channel immediately with one touch.


Multiple Mobiles for a Health Insurance Company

For an existing customer’s application, Intertech extended their platform with a mobile version of an application’s admin, client, and public portals.


Adding Attaboys to Facebook

Have you ever sent an “attaboy” (name changed to protect the client) on Facebook?  If you have, you were using an application created by Intertech.  This app integrates Facebook accounts allowing posting a thanks to someone’s wall or timeline.



Mobile, One Vine at a Time

If there ever was a project where we should have taken “in kind” payment…this was it!  Built for iPads and iPhones, this Intertech created application helps vineyards manage field production.


If we could be of help on a mobile project or help your team spin-up on mobile app development, please let me know.