The 100 Book Q&A – Why I Wrote the Book


The press kit for The 100: Building Blocks for Business Leadership has a Q&A with me on questions like why I wrote the book, how I started the firm, and advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Below is the first in a series.


Why did you decide to write The 100?

The 100 started as a guide for my employees to share how we do things at Intertech. As I started writing, I realized the concepts applied to many organizations and not just my firm.  When I read a book, attend a conference, or read an article, I find myself earmarking the ideas that I want to implement. In The 100, my goal was to give readers something practical and actionable in each of the 100 sections. Hopefully, if the book hits home with a reader, their copy will have 100 earmarks.