Thanks for the Wonderful Support of Pete

Thanks for all of the wonderful support of my friend Pete.  Since the article in the Star Tribune on Monday, there have been dozens of emails, phone calls, and donations.  Some of you asked how to donate (the online version of the article cut off the URL).  You can donate at Pete’s video blog or directly to Pete via PayPal.

I also received a some business-related inquiries related to the book offer.  To answer at large:



  • If you make a donation of $1,000 or more, I’ll send 100 copies of my book (a $1,000 value)
  • If you make a donation of $2,500 or more, I’ll deliver a 1.5 hour webinar on leadership, sales, or entrepreneurship (and include 100 copies of my book)

While I’m a past instructor the University of St. Thomas Graduate School of Business Management Center and sometimes conference/corporate/sales meeting presenter, with two toddlers, my priorities have changed and I’ve semi-retired.

That said, if you make a donation of $10,000 or more, I’ll travel to your location, within the Continental U.S., and deliver a talk on a topic TBD but within my areas of expertise (with expenses and 100 copies of my book included).

Thanks again.