Post 1 of 6 posts of balance: Finding the elusive personal mix

When we think about a strong investment portfolio, the word “balanced” frequently comes to mind. Why do so many smart people get the importance of balancing investments yet totally overlook the critical nature of finding balance in business and in their personal lives?

As a leader, I think about this issue relative to my employees and my company’s priorities. And, of course, achieving balance in my personal life is of paramount importance to me.

Seems I’m not the only one pondering these issues and trying to make sense of it all. A recent article in Harvard Business Review, “No, You Can’t Have It All” by Eric C. Sinoway (October 2012) provides a thought-provoking framework for “deciding which work-life goals to pursue when.” There’s also a nice Perspectives piece in the November 2012 Minnesota Business magazine called “Keeping the Balance,” which features thoughts on maintaining work/life balance from executive coach and motivational speaker Dr. Verna Price. And I even noticed a recent Star Tribune article, “Street-smart yoga” about a local yoga studio giving free classes to homeless kids to help them develop—you guessed it—balance (and I’m not talking about standing on one leg!)

My next series of posts will take a closer look at an assortment of balance issues—you could say I’m going to take a balanced approach to the topic–as explored in these articles and from my own experience. I’m hoping these posts will inspire you to ask your own tough questions so you (and, if you’re a business owner or manager, your employees) can begin 2013 with a little more balance of your own. With the holidays just around the corner, I realize I could be setting myself up for a pretty tall order!