Paying It Forward: Please Help if You Can

Entrepreneur's OrganizationOctane magazine published by the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) ran an article I wrote of inspiration and determination.

First, if you’re not familiar with EO, it’s a great group. Nearly 9,000 entrepreneurs are active in EO chapters around the world. Average revenue for EO member companies is $18.4 million. You could say EO members are extraordinarily lucky and most of us realize we’re privileged to be members of a pretty exclusive group.

For those of you EO’ers visiting this blog as a result of the article, because of our respective fortune, I’m asking for help for someone who has not been quite as lucky – through no fault of his own.  If you read my blog regularly, or if you’ve seen some of my articles, you’ve probably guessed that I’m referring to my best friend, Pete Quinn.  The most recent article is The Power of Pete.

Pete worked hard and successfully in sales for 20 years before his life was horribly altered after being hit by a reckless driver. Even today, Pete continues to work as much as he can as he undergoes therapy to walk again. (I won’t recount all the details surrounding Pete’s situation now, but if you would like to know more, please see my earlier posts on Peter Quinn and his family).

Peter remains a strong individual and he refuses to be defined by this accident. He also is a husband (wife is Rita) and the father of three beautiful children:  Katherine (age 12), Henry (9) and Andrew (6).  The family has additional responsibilities and expenses because Andrew is autistic.  His condition requires special care and the family is doing everything necessary to ensure that Andrew lives a normal and well-adjusted childhood.

This is a wonderful family that has been dealt a serious and life-altering blow. With your donations, Peter will be able to continue receiving the necessary therapy sessions so he can realize his dream: running (he’s a marathoner) and playing soccer (he was a coach of his kid’s team prior to his injury).

For videos of Peter’s progress, check out the website: If you want to help, please donate directly at Peter’s Place.

Thank you.