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“CEO/Founder Tom Salonek’s first and bad manager refused to pay the tuition reimbursement benefit seeing “no leadership potential” in Tom. Undaunted Tom paid for his own MBA, started software firm Intertech, Inc. in Eagan, Minnesota, growing from $200,000 first-year sales to $10M 20 years later while giving back via Intertech Foundation. Early on, the three principals’ joint focus? Business growth, not software. Management principles include: “hire slow and fire fast”(using an 8-step hiring process and firing via separation papers in exchange for severance pay), specify performance expectations, time-limit a job offer. Retain employees via: specific public praise with a “How did you do that?”, genuine interest in staff, private correction, and full managerial understanding of all problems. Define company and employee goals, delegate staff accountability to ensure their execution via daily to annual leadership and departmental meetings.”

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