“To keep employees, try valuing them” published in the StarTribune

My thanks to the StarTribune for publishing my article “To keep employees, try valuing them.”

In it, I share approaches we’ve taken as a team to create an environment focused on our employees.

We’re in a strong hiring mode.  If you’re considering a move, please let me know.

6 simple ways to make every project successful

My latest article for The Business Journals is “6 simple ways to make every project successful“.  Below is the start:

Running a software development company for more than two decades has given me a lot of insight into making projects work.

Clients should expect fast, accurate and nearly immediate benefits from development projects that used to take months or even years to yield results. The strategies we’ve adapted to meet client expectations are useful no matter what type of business you’re in today.

Read the full copy on The Business Journals website.