Giving the Gift of Health (Post 2 of 3)

Depressed-Worker-SmallWhen 1,500 workers were surveyed by the American Psychological Association, 1/3 shared issues with their supervisor as a source of work stress.

Canadian researcher Kevin Kelloway studied the effect of bad bosses and stated bad bosses can cause a human body to “pump out… stress hormones—just as it would if you were running from a tiger…”

So, what does the stereotypical bad boss do?  S/he:



  • Plays favorites
  • Is checked-out
  • Uses obscenity
  • Blames others
  • Is a sexual predator

So, what are the health benefits good bosses give employees?

  • A reduced risk for heart disease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • A healthy weight
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Improved mental well-being

What specific things can a leader do to give the gift of health?  Check out the final post in this series.

Giving the Gift of Health (Post 1 of 3)

GiftWondering what to give for the holidays?  How about health?

The Washington Post article “Does your horrible boss make you sick?” shares “stress-inducing, unsupportive management styles can harm workers’ well-being.”

It outlines the negative impact on health as a result of bad bosses.  Harvard Medical School professor Jonathan Quick co-authored the book “Preventative Stress Management in Organizations” and states bad bosses can worsen sleep, increase the chance of a heart attack, inflate blood pressure, and cause other ailments.  Ouch!

So, what boss behavior makes for good or bad health?  Check out the next two posts in this series!